The Cost Of Making Jerky.

You are probably like me and love Jerky but just cant stand to pay the outrages price at the store.

Good Jerky is going to cost you around $1.00 per oz. and sometimes more.
Lets weigh out the cost of buying good jerky compared to the price of making it your self

First of all like I said buying jerky is going to cost about a buck a oz. 20 pounds of purchased jerky would be approximately $320.00 . WOW you say. That's right. Why do I use 20 pounds as a reference? Because of the fact that if your a big game hunter you will have a lot more meat then 20 pounds.

Even if you don't have any jerky making equipment your first batch will pay for it self.
Lets say you have to buy everything and start from scratch, here are the numbers

Dehydrator            $60.00

Jerky Gun             $20.00

Food Processor          $40.00

Jerky Mix (20 pounds worth)           $30.00           

So far you have $150.00 into your brand new equipment that will last you season after season.
Of coarse this doe's not include the money it cost you to harvest your deer.

Even if it cost you $200.00 for the complete deer hunting season your still only at $350.00 .
If you are like me then you will harvest 2 deer per season and that comes up to about 200 pounds of total meat.

If you was to put that 200 pounds of raw meat into jerky then you would get approx. 100 pounds of finished jerky.
100 pounds of finished jerky would be worth about $1600.00 . And again you say WOW !!

People make a living at making and selling jerky. Sure they buy there meat (beef) but when it come to the price of raw meat compared to beef jerky its pennys on the dollar.

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