Different types of jerky

There are two main types of jerky. One is solid muscle or sliced jerky, and the other is pressed or ground meat jerky.
Let me explain.

Sliced Jerky

A solid muscle jerky is made from a very lean cut of meat free from gristle. You can also substitute beef, elk or other red meats for the venison. The most commonly meat used for jerky comes from the hind quarter or back leg of the deer. The particular area is called the round. This is made up of several different muscle groups.

There are three main muscles you will use for making jerky: top round, bottom round and eye of round.

These three muscles are virtually gristle-free and very lean. These are the same muscles you would use to cut steaks from your deer. The difference would be in the way you cut the meat.

Steaks are cut against the grain of the meat. Jerky is cut with the grain of the meat. When you cut jerky meat with the grain it produces the chewy, almost stringy, consistency people associate with jerky.

Pressed Jerky

The other type of jerky is made from ground meats and is pressed or formed.

When making this type of jerky, make sure you choose very lean cuts of meat. You will mix in a dry seasoning mix with this meat much like you would when making sausage.


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